The core of our business is to help clients create value.

Credit. Asset-Based Financing. M&A

Must Enter: Asset Based Financing, Corporate Credit Finance, or Merger and Acquisition Finance.
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Cebron Group offers corporate financing to U.S. middle-market companies with annual revenues between $50 million and $1 billion. Loans start at $20 million and rates are market competitive

Asset-Based Financing

Cebron Group is a global financier who helps clients of all types achieve their liquidity goals. Cebron Group offers financing solutions for corporations, partnerships, governments, institutions, and individuals.


We represent clients seeking to build large enterprises with national or global market reach through the acquisition and integration of multiple businesses that are complimentary to their core business.

The Cebron Advantage

We use an integrated approach to evaluate acquisition candidates.

Using standardized frameworks and methodologies based on Cebron’s integrated approach, the firm delivers consistent and high quality due diligence solutions. Our multidisciplinary teams ensure that the entire process is executed effectively.

Maximize Value Through Strategic Acquisitions

Our strategies can significantly increase the value of a client’s company. When multiple companies are combined, they generally increase in value, sell for higher multiples and are more attractive to corporate and private equity acquirers or public capital markets.

Finance Acquisitions to Build Value for IPO or Private Sale

The Firm actively cultivates its relationships with major commercial banks, insurance companies, private equity, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, asset managers, firms and institutional investors that can finance acquisitions for our clients. By combining our industry team efforts with our established network of relationships, we have a differentiated capability to source acquisition opportunities and play a key role in assisting clients in building substantial
value in their company in preparation for sale or IPO.