Cebron Global Network
  • Our global network consists of investment professionals in key markets around the world.
  • Our professionals have developed a broad network of contacts across industries enabling us to attract well-positioned prospective portfolio companies.
Standardized Frameworks & Methodologies
  • Using standardized frameworks and methodologies, the firm delivers consistent and high-quality due diligence solutions.
  • Our multidisciplinary teams incorporate financial and tax due diligence, business intelligence service, HR due diligence, IT due diligence, and environmental due diligence to ensure the entire process is executed effectively.
Executive Operations
  • Our team of Operating Executives, Senior Advisors and Operating Advisors have an average of over 30 years’ experience

  • Operating Executives provide their experience throughout the investment process, from sourcing deals, conducting diligence, managing companies and exiting transactions.
Industry Knowledge
  • We concentrate our sourcing activities in those strong cash-flow industries in which our investment professionals historically have had deep investment experience.
  • We focus on sectors we know.
  • Our industry focus includes aerospace, logistics, technology, medical, energy, financial services, infrastructure, and consumer.

Maximize Value Through Strategic Acquisitions

Our strategies can significantly increase the value of a client’s company. When multiple companies are combined, they generally increase in value, sell for higher multiples and are more attractive to corporate and private equity acquirers or public capital markets.

Finance Acquisitions to Build Value for IPO or Private Sale

The Firm actively cultivates its relationships with major commercial banks, insurance companies, private equity, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, asset managers, firms and institutional investors that can finance acquisitions for our clients. By combining our industry team efforts with our established network of relationships, we have a differentiated capability to source acquisition opportunities and play a key role in assisting clients in building substantial value in their company in preparation for sale or IPO.

We use an integrated approach to evaluate acquisition candidates.

Using standardized frameworks and methodologies based on Cebron’s integrated approach, the
firm delivers consistent and high quality due diligence solutions. Our multidisciplinary teams
ensure that the entire process is executed effectively.

Financial and Tax Due Diligence

  • Understand acquisition targets using industry experts on every engagement
  • Assess the valuation adjustments like EBITDA analysis and net debt
  • Identify representations and warranties for inclusion in the SPA
  • Analyze revenue and cost trends
  • Analyze margins and the impact of seasonality fluctuations on margins

Cebron Business Intelligence Services

  • Review relevant documents to assess compliance with various enactments/regulations
  • Quantify, the the extent possible, the probably exposure of non-compliance
  • Perform pre-deal investigative work on the background of the other side.

HR Due Diligence

  • Determine how the target disseminates information, internally and externally
  • Analyze compatibility between the two sides of the transaction
  • Understand reward programs and benefits offered to employees and the synergy with investor company.

Commercial Due Diligence

  • Market assessment and entry strategy
  • Analyze business strategy, profitability, channels of distribution, and regulatory compliance
  • Competition analysis

IT Due Diligence

  • Understanding existing IT/ERP systems and assess their capabilities to meet IT requirements of the business
  • Assess IT infrastructure in terms of future investments that may be required
  • Assess IT function in terms of overall structure, team capabilities, and IT approach to governance

Environmental Due Diligence

  • Phase 1- Review all documentation including legal documents and conduct on-site assessment to ascertain existing and potential liabilities.
  • Phase II – Act as the facilitator in characterizing the nature and extent of potential contamination

Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) Advisory

  • Advising clients on aspect of the SPA
  • Closing assistance