We serve clients around the world

Mergers & Acquisitions

Deep M&A resources with the ability to handle complex financial, operational challenges.


We focus is on originating loans for lower middle market companies, recapitalizations, refinancings, financings, and acquisitions.

Our Investment Approach

We approach our business and our investments as industrialists. We seek to invest in high quality companies that have attractive growth prospects, leading market positions and the ability to generate superior returns. When we make investments, we partner with highly motivated and capable management teams to design and implement strategic and operational changes that create value.

Sourcing Advantage

We source new investments through our internal deal generation strategies and business relationships with leaders in the business and financial communities. Our advantages include:

Industry Team Focus.

Our investment professionals are organized into industry teams. Each team conducts its own primary research and is responsible for developing a list of industry themes and trends, identifying companies that will benefit from those themes and trends, and determining which companies would make an attractive investment. We build relationships with industry leaders and management teams. Through the work of our industry teams, we have developed a detailed understanding of the economic drivers, inherent risks and opportunities for value creation across the industries in which we invest.

Direct Contacts with Business Leaders.

We focus on developing direct relationships with key decision-makers at companies in the United States and throughout the world, which often provides us with direct investment opportunities.

Strong Relationships with Financial Leaders.

We actively cultivate relationships with investment banking and financial firms.

We combine our industry team efforts with our established network of relationships to differentiate our capability to source investments in domestic and  global companies.

Established Companies

Structure acquisitions of established companies with consistent historical financial performance.

Proven Revenue and Earnings Growth

We acquire businesses that have the potential for significant revenue and earnings growth.

Strong Free Cash Flow Generation

Acquisitions with businesses that have consistent, stable and increasing free cash flow.

Experienced Management Team

Structure acquisitions with businesses with a complete, experienced management team.

Benefit from Being a Public Company

Acquire one or more businesses that will benefit from being publicly traded and can effectively utilize the broader access to capital and the public profile that are associated with being a publicly traded company.

Strong Competitive Position

Focus on acquisition targets that have a leading, growing or niche market position in their respective industries.

The Cebron Advantage

Access to Cebron Funds

Investment in private equity has historically been available only to major corporations, institutions, and the super wealthy with large amounts of capital to invest. Private funds can have minimum investment requirements exceeding $5 million and most individual and small institutional investors are unable to meet these minimum requirements.Cebron Funds makes access to specialized private funds available to individual and small institutional investors around the world.

How Cebron Creates Value

The core of our business is to create value. We acquire companies to combine them into larger organizations, work to improve their efficiencies and profitability and seek to sell them for a profit or take them public. Our success helps our investors achieve their goals.


Global Network

Cebron Global Network

  • Our global network consists of investment professionals in key markets around the world
  • Our professionals have developed a broad network of contacts across industries enabling us to attract well-positioned prospective portfolio companies


Portfolio Data

  • We incorporate analysis of data into investment, operational and exit decisions
  • Our ability to analyze data effectively and efficiently help guide us towards successful investment opportunities

Executive Operations

Executive Operations

  • Our team of Operating Executives, Senior Advisors and Operating Advisors have an average of over 30 years’ experience
  • Operating Executives provide their experience throughout the investment process, from sourcing deals, conducting diligence, managing companies and exiting transactions

Industry Knowledge

Deep Industry Knowledge

  • We concentrate our investing activities in those strong cash-flow industries in which our investment professionals historically have had deep investment experience.
  • We focus on sectors we know
  • Our industry focus includes aerospace, logistics, technology, medical, energy, financial services, infrastructure, and consumer.